There’s nothing quite like a hot, sunny day in Portland. When the air thickens and the days stay lighter longer once again, I always find myself thinking about you and our first summer together. I think it’s because it’s one of the few times I have experienced the feeling of falling in love.

The sensation of falling in love with you still lingers in my body after all these years. It’s akin to the songs stored so deep in my mind’s depths that I can’t remember a single lyric to, but somehow, when the music starts up, I know and can’t help but sing every word.

When the weather turns in this tiny town, and I turn up the sounds of the 90s, I find myself transported to your bed–drowsy under the warmth of the sun pouring through the glass door to your patio. I’m tracing letters on your arms, drawing circles on your back.

We spent the better part of those long summer days sundrenched and slick with sweat–languidly tangling and disentangling our bodies until we were love-drunk, and spent, and begging for sleep.

Our relationship was young and unruly like us. We were destined for heartbreak and heartache from the start, but that didn’t stop us from trying.  That first summer with you though, that was something. Felt like flying.

There’s every good reason for letting you go — Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind